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dvd burner possibilities

Postby andrew_tiu » Thu Oct 09, 2003 4:13 pm

I just bought a new DVD burner. I am wondering if I can make dvd videos.
What programs out there are the best in burning DVDs? (ex NERO)
Is there a way to convert avi to DVD so that I can make movies to play on my DVD player?
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Postby Dark Matter » Thu Oct 30, 2003 2:29 pm

personally i love nero.
you can also try to use windows XP videomaker ( intregrated )
my best friend uses easydvdcreator, and loves it.

i hope it helps
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Postby furutawa » Wed Nov 12, 2003 10:00 pm

As a manner of fact, you've got in your hands.. a lot of possibilities.
If you like to be well informed, try a quick search on google.

a DVD Burner + a VIDEO CAPTURE card + powerfull machine: your own movie studio.

also, you can add one some menus, subtitles, alternative tracks, etc.

Sorry, because I don't have any links here. but try google.
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Postby rdperalta » Thu Nov 13, 2003 9:19 am

Check ot http://www.vcdhelp.com they have tools, tutorials and other stuff for converting movies or files (avi et al) into vcd's, svcds and dvds :D
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re backup

Postby Perverted Hermit » Sat Nov 15, 2003 12:02 pm

Well as a matter of fact backups of dvd are one of my specialties...

First of all there's Nero Vision Express which gives (in connection with its codecs) vast possibilities.

I for myself use it to convert divx/avis to dvd format, even my ps2 can read them (and the ps2 is well known for acting a bit weird when it comes to burnt discs..).

When it comes to backup your dvd you have two possibilities:

You could extract your movies to divx files, which offers you the chance to put the material from several dvd onto one (since a standard episode ~20min will take from 100-200MB only).

Or you could make plain copies of your dvd. A tool I recommend for this would be CloneDVD.

If you need any help just mail me, if you need some tools don't hesitate to mail me, too.
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Postby immortality » Sat Nov 22, 2003 7:50 pm

i would really recommend nero..theres a lot more possiblities with that one compared to roxio version...which mainly for people who arent tech savvy...u should go to http://www.dvdrhelp.com its similar to vcd help but just about dvd's, and they give u a more detailed description of which softwares to use
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Postby demdem » Fri Nov 28, 2003 6:22 pm

the way i do it using nero 6 is drag and drop. (if it is supported)
or you can use the svcd option to encode it then drag and drop it into your video complimentation or your .iso.
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