.ogm and Subtitle problems

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.ogm and Subtitle problems

Postby Alaan » Mon Jan 24, 2005 8:27 pm

I just recently started with getting my DVDs ripped onto my computer. I got .avi files down pretty well, but .ogm subtitling has beaten me thus far.

Been using Gordian Knot for most of the dirty work, along with VobSub and DVD Decrypter. VobSub's standard .sub format can only be permanent on the file, so you have to convert it to .srt using SubResync(a program included with VobSub) to make them optional. When I do this however, the timing is way off. The subtitles pretty much start 2.5 minutes into the clip instead of their proper timing.

After searching I tried using a different program, Sub Rip, to make the .srt. Unfortunately it is really bad at putting out clean subtitles. It adds lots of unnecessary spaces all over. Any suggeestions on fixing this? Thanks in advance.

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