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Re: Post-Apocalypse Bar

Postby snoopy75 » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:05 pm

LogDog wrote:How's life, Snoop? Family? Career?

Life's pretty good, actually. Got divorced back in 2009, but I'm about to marry again, next month in fact. How I got so lucky there, I'll never know, but she's freaking amazing. We've been together almost five years, and it's only gotten better, something I didn't think was possible not too long ago. She even likes my ecchi side, go figure. :P

I'm still a Mechanical Engineer, been working for this company for almost 10 years now. The past three years, I've been telecommuting from California, after moving here when my fiancee got a sweet job offer at Stanford. It's not a bad life, working from home. And the bay area is awesome, only really expensive. I'm not sure we'll last much longer here if rent keeps going up, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Ever since I discovered manga reader apps for my tablet, I spend more time reading manga than watching anime these days. But I'll still binge watch a series here and there, mostly on airplanes when traveling for work. I recently finished watching Re:Zero, and right now I'm partway through Shinsekai Yori.

*finishes Scotch*

Damn, this stuff makes me chatty.

*pours another*

How about you, LogDog? How's life these days?

EDIT: Damn, we finally made it to page 2 of this thread. Only took three years..... :roll:

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