hey is this a good picture?

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hey is this a good picture?

Postby becky2d2 » Sun Jun 05, 2005 12:33 pm

ok I think I sent a picture,
if you can't see it go to my web site,

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Postby snoopy75 » Thu Jun 09, 2005 3:39 pm

Looks good to me... much better than I could do, lol... :wink:

And you should go post at the Intro forum and let us get to know you... :thumbs:
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Postby Spearhead » Fri Jul 01, 2005 2:14 am

well, it's certainly an interesting pic *g* seen worse... ;)

though i wouldn't want to walk around with a head that big, don't think i could even stand up ^_~
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Postby blue_rebel » Fri Jul 01, 2005 8:24 pm


Bold use of colours. :P
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Postby Koji » Sat Jul 02, 2005 3:06 am

The bottoms of the eyes are too Flat. See the image you used to show how to draw eyes? They are all slanted, not flat. Also, you made them waaaaaaaaaaaay to big. Even if that's the kind of style you are going for, it makes the pictures look very unbalanced and makes the eyes the entire focus of the characters which brings me back up to the eyes being done incorrectly ^_^.

As with everyone (especially me <_<) there is lots of room for improvement... the best thing to do would be to just keep practicing. If you see images you like (or even parts of other images you like) take time to practice drawing them. There is nothing wrong with copying other people's works if it helps improve your own. The thing to remember is it's going to take a LOT of practice and at first it may not seem like you are improving much... but take it from someone who's been there, you'll get there if you just keep at it ^_^

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