move complete net reaquired. :)

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move complete net reaquired. :)

Postby PenislessJesus » Tue Apr 04, 2006 5:45 am

so after a two week netles stratch I have returned, I rented a small efficency house hcich as youll soon see from the pictures is "cozy" wnough to picture everything by spinning in a circle in my chair. So... ehre it is.. pardon the fuzzy craptastic web cam.. this is my BF tommy wishing I wasnt taken his pic when he wasnt paying attention
If you click next.. you'll see my new table.
next again.. the begining of my infamous "wall" in my previous house i had 2 entire walls covered in so many picture sand hung items it became like 3d wall paper youliterally could not see any spec of actual wall, I forgot to get pics :( but this is the start of my new wall :)
And onemore next you get the kitceh which isnt very cool but in the corner you can see part of my 6 foot tall pachiran money tree.. i ahve 2 their sexy.
and last next.. my favorite part. the reason minus the uber cheap rent taht I rented the house. The ceiling.
NOt pictured: my obnoxious pink doors, the tiny bathroom with no bathtub, and outdoors.

Anyway.. not that a virtual tour of my new house was really needed but i was bored and WoW is down for maitence. heh, appologizies for the massive time wasting I've done to you :P[/url]
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