The AK Story few here know. [younger posters be advised]

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Postby forestelfgurl » Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:54 am

*gives Omi A GIANT HUG*

i have a really close friend who went through something extreamly similar, so i know how much stregnth it takes to come out and tell your story. You really do deserve a medel for the that stregnth. I just hope that others will read this and gain a better understanding of how it feels to go through something like that. And i believe that anyone that would ever do something like that to anyone should be locked up and have the key thrown away.(and even that seems like it is too good for them)

Best of luck to you,
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Re: The AK Story few here know. [younger posters be advised]

Postby chelshocked » Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:02 pm

I know this is strange to be posting this years later, but events here in the states have changed so I fear for the younger girls out there. Since the last mid-term elections when a lot of tea-partiers got into the house, they have been trying to repeal rape laws. They feel a lot of good young men (well, they said republican men) have been damaged by a careless accusation by some young girl. So they want hard evidence, such as a girl beaten to within an inch of her life before she can call it rape.

While many have fought against these changes, if a Republican is elected in a few days, then know that the laws will be changed.

It is not a change for the better. :evil:
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