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Anime Expo 09 Day 3: All Day.

05.07.2009 (11:31 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Today was a decently busy day. I went to check out the Photoshop panel today was covering coloring in Photoshop. The material was good and informative. The only thing I could ask for is having the Q & A at the end of the lesson. People were asking good questions some related to the days […]

Anime Expo 09 Day 2: Night Time.

05.07.2009 (9:03 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Came back form AMVs. They had a few good ones and a few good ones. My choices are further below. (Not in the order shown. Taken from here.) Action: “You Know My Name” by Nic Neidenbach “The Good Ship Lifestyle” by “LC”_Lapen“Roritech Mk II” by Lolorori “Untamed” by Fuzzworks (Jonathan Ho & Andrew Ferrel) “Spin […]

Anime Expo 09 Day 2: Day time.

03.07.2009 (8:34 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Went to check out Morning Musume this afternoon.  I was a really good show they went through some old songs and did some new ones. They also announce the winners to their MySpace contest. Rest of the day was taking random pictures of cosplayers and just the crowds. I feel like I want to take […]

Anime Expo 09 Day 1: All Day

03.07.2009 (2:14 am) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Nothing much to report today. Was pretty slow didn’t get a chance to go to any panels I wanted everything else was bleh. Was going to check out the maid cafe found that it was $25 per person. A bit expensive for a dinner show if you ask me. If I hear good stuff I […]

Anime Expo 09 Day 0: Preregistration

01.07.2009 (9:59 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Don’t know what exactly happen, but I’m sure the rumors will be flying around as to why registration took forever this year. Its not just that I was spoiled with Industry registration for the last few years(I did miss it this time.). Registration was suppose to start at 3pm we got there around 3:45pm. The […]