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Anime Expo 09 Day 0: Preregistration

01.07.2009 (9:59 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Don’t know what exactly happen, but I’m sure the rumors will be flying around as to why registration took forever this year. Its not just that I was spoiled with Industry registration for the last few years(I did miss it this time.). Registration was suppose to start at 3pm we got there around 3:45pm. The line was outside of Hall out in the sun. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get inside and another 20 minutes to get out. The waiting wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for being out in the sun. They did make up for it at least after we passed by with having a guy with sun block handing out globs of it to people and the occasional person walking around with misters.

Ok now for the swag. Um not much. The usual minus magazine that normally came with. There is a promotional Gaia item included on a card inside.

So you get:

  • The Official Program Guide
  • Gaia Online Item
  • Lanyard (The thing that holds your badge and goes around your neck.)
  • Sunburn (oh wait I got that before I got inside.)

The guide is pretty standard ad, events, guests, and schedules. Extra point on the Year Book’esk memories section at the end for Autographs and stuff.