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Anime Expo 09 Day 3: All Day.

05.07.2009 (11:31 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Today was a decently busy day. I went to check out the Photoshop panel today was covering coloring in Photoshop. The material was good and informative. The only thing I could ask for is having the Q & A at the end of the lesson. People were asking good questions some related to the days […]

Anime Expo 09 Day 2: Night Time.

05.07.2009 (9:03 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Came back form AMVs. They had a few good ones and a few good ones. My choices are further below. (Not in the order shown. Taken from here.) Action: “You Know My Name” by Nic Neidenbach “The Good Ship Lifestyle” by “LC”_Lapen“Roritech Mk II” by Lolorori “Untamed” by Fuzzworks (Jonathan Ho & Andrew Ferrel) “Spin […]