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Anime Expo 09 Day 2: Night Time.

05.07.2009 (9:03 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Came back form AMVs. They had a few good ones and a few good ones. My choices are further below.

(Not in the order shown. Taken from here.)


  1. “You Know My Name” by Nic Neidenbach
  2. “The Good Ship Lifestyle” by “LC”_Lapen“Roritech Mk II” by Lolorori
    “Untamed” by Fuzzworks (Jonathan Ho &
  3. Andrew Ferrel)
  4. “Spin On Simon” by Solomon Smith
  5. “Ready To Drift” by Diakun Productions (Daniel Elak)
  6. “Fate/Eternal Inferno” by Millenium Strife


  1. “Death Note Rhapsody” by BaitMaster
  2. “Amor Fatali” by TearX (Areeba Khan)
  3. “Happy Mess” by AMVTHUG (Leonardo Rodriguez)
  4. “Shoot The Moon” by Marimari (Amanda Gregory
  5. “Story Of A Girl” by BaitMaster
  6. “Sacred Maiden” by Caleb Taylor
  7. “Monsoon” by Ryvannis (Dean Seirafi)


  1. “CODE: Roll” by Matthew Yan
  2. “Genma’s Lullaby” by Nills Houghton
  3. “Left 4 Wired” by Isaac Fischer DMRA
  4. “Perfect Day” by Brad DeMoss
  5. “The Assumption Song” by BaitMaster
  6. “We Need You” by Vlad G. Pohnert
  7. “R0b07$” by Benjamin & Bryce Chu


  1. “Valhalla” by Ryvannis (Dean Seirafi)
  2. “Haunting Hour” by M.Preciado
  3. “Oblivious” by Lark (1MoonGoddess7)
  4. “Blue Orchid” by BTaing8 (Billy Taing)
  5. “Lord Of The Anime” by RiderG (Victoria Galietta)
  6. “Dance Dance Celebration” by TERYH1984 (Kuok Hor)
  7. “Tick Tock” by Lark (1MoonGoddess7)

The ones that stood out for me were:

I had a good time and another year with our any major hick-up (Technical Hick-up.). I was amazed to see so many people attending this year. A chunk of people did get up and leave during the Pro category. I don’t blame them either, the pro category was a little much on the senses. Most of the of the pro videos where were up there in quality and technical ability. The problem lies that they were pushing that so much and putting too much on the screen at once. The pro category seemed to have become the lets see how many fancy effects we can render category :<.