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Anime Expo 09 Day 3: All Day.

05.07.2009 (11:31 pm) – Filed under: Anime Expo 09

Today was a decently busy day. I went to check out the Photoshop panel today was covering coloring in Photoshop. The material was good and informative. The only thing I could ask for is having the Q & A at the end of the lesson. People were asking good questions some related to the days lesson, but others were just  asking industry related questions and those could of waited.

After that it was lunch then a quick run to the Exhibit hall (Dealers room). I bought a few items here. I forget if I mentioned this or not, but the Exhibit hall had much less than before. I don’t remember if they combined it with Artist Alley last year but that didn’t help to make it feel any bigger. The Exhibit hall exhausts me and my wallet every year. I’m waiting till Sunday for all my major purchases. I do regret not having time to check out Artist Alley. I really have to plan out things better for my next con.

Later that evening it was time for the Masquerade. Thanks for a couple of  sweat gals <3. I was able to drop off my booty from the Exhibit hall and get a decent seat for the Masquerade. The Masquerade in a whole was decent. I really hated to see so many technical issues in regards to which audio was playing and missing half of the audio for “Coconut Bubble Sex Cosplay” . I was looking forward to their skit.

Overall thought: I need to avoid long panels and just enjoy everything else. All in all a good day.